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About Us

About IITC 


Islamabad Industrial & Trading Corporation, IITC, was established in August 1985 under the leadership of N. Ahmed. Since its inception, IITC has leaded the Pakistan’s elevator industry with the largest customer base and highest customer satisfaction.


The main business line of IITC is importing, distributing, installing, maintaining, repairing and modernizing elevators, escalators, auto walkways, scissors aerial work platforms, auto doors, auto car parking systems etc. in Pakistan. IITC is also specialized in other trading, which include trading Aluminum composite panels, float glasses, generator sets etc.


IITC in highlights:


  • Total number of elevators installed: Over 2500

  • Total number of Escalators installed: Over 1000

  • ​Maintenance contracts: Over 350

  • Total number of Projects successfully completed: Over 500

  • Offices: Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta.​

 IITC has Service & Maintenance Contracts for 350 Projects in various building complexes, including commercial & residential buildings, departmental store and malls. We offer our valued customers comprehensive maintenance scheme by which, we undertake to maintain the equipment inclusive of replacement of spare parts and attend call back services 24/7/365 days a year. Our maintenance team is well equipped and comprising of foreign trained engineers and technicians with availability of sufficient quantity of spare parts in our stock.


 Vision and Strategy


IITC’s vision is to create the best vertical transportation experience. Our strategy is to deliver a performance excellence to our customers by creating the best user experience with the latest technology of Hyundai. Simultaneously, our staff, leadership and processes enable operational excellence and cost competitiveness.


To serve IITC's vision of creating the best vertical transportation experience, we continually strive to expand our understanding of customers’ requirements. By responding to these requirements and focusing on our leadership and internal processes, we aim to achieve our 4 strategic targets of serving patron clients, delivering the safest products, leading the industry and providing the best user experience.


Our Values


 Our values guide us towards achieving our vision. Our values are:


  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Ensuring 100% safety & quality

  • Delivering Projects timely

  • Succeeding together

  • Best after-sales service


About Chairman



N. Ahmed began his business in August of 1985 when he established his startup under the name of Islamabad Industrial & Trading Corporation, IITC. He spotted the opportunity in elevator industry and was among the first few entrants in Pakistan’s elevator industry.

He enriched his experience, by receiving training from numerous elevator firms, which includes ThyssenKrupp-Germany, O&K-Italy and Hyundai Elevators-Korea and more. To further his experience, he also did numerous short courses relating to elevator installation, maintenance and safety procedures.


In this duration, he has introduced numerous brands from Europe, China, Malaysia and Korea in Pakistan. This includes following World-renowned brands.


  1. Hyundai Elevators Co. Ltd, South Korea.

  2. ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Germany.

  3. O&K Rollthreppen, Germany.

  4. Sideron S.R.L., Milano, Italy.

  5. Elevators Jarre S.M.L. Madird, Spain.

  6. Gold star Electric Machinery Co. Ltd., South Korea.

He utilized the opportunity to its best and successfully established IITC as the leading elevator & escalator firm in Pakistan. Today, IITC is the sole distributor of Hyundai Elevators, and marketing it all across Pakistan. The name of IITC is trusted among top consultant, builders, engineers, architects and beyond.


About Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd


For the past 60 years Hyundai Elevator Ltd. Corporation has raised the name of Korea all over the world. Hyundai continued the tradition by creating a new legacy through establishing Hyundai elevators Co. Ltd. in May 1984. Hyundai Elevator, an affiliated company of Hyundai Group, is a Total Moving Solution Provider that supplies a full series of elevators, escalators, automated material handling systems, auto-parking systems, PSD(Platform Screen Doors) and SOC Infrastructure Systems. Hyundai Elevator does their best to create a comfortable and convenient future through the creation of maximum movement value from our technology and experience. Hyundai Elevator became the Global Leader in creating value in movement through endless changes and innovations.

Elevators are tested at Hyundai Asan Tower, ultra- high-speed test tower, standing 205m high. It is used to test for vibration, noise, pressure, as well as the reliability and safety of the parts and components related to ultra- high speed systems. At the Hyundai Asan Tower, you will find the world’s fastest elevator running at speeds up to 1080m/min, as well as the 600m/min high speed double deck elevator, and the world’s fastest 420m/min high speed observation elevator.The features of Hyundai Elevators are outlined as below:


Established: May 23, 1984

Factories: South Korea & China

Number of Employees: 1,311(As of December, 2012)

R & D: South Korea, employing over 100 researchers.

Specialization: Elevator, Escalator & Transportation Industry

Sole Distributor of Elevators & Escalators in Pakistan: Islamabad Industrial & Trading Corporation.


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