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After selling Hyundai products to our values clients, we ensure that we provide the best after-sales service as well, which includes installation, maintenance and modernization.


Modernization is cost-efficient way of optimising & customising current elevator, instead of buying new elevator. It includes everything from minor replacement of elevator interior items, to major component upgrades that improve operating performance or energy efficiency, all the way up to complete systems overhaul and replacement.



Maintenance plays a critical role in affecting the life of the products. It is provided at regular intervals to avoid accidents that might not just lead to injuries but also malfuntioning of the products. Maintenance at regular intervals enhances the life and also the efficiency of elevator & escalator.



Installation is performed by our technical staff under the supervision of our experienced engineers & project manager. In the first stage, mechanical erection is performed followed by electrical work. Thereafter, safety tests are performed. Upon successful testing,our products are commissioned to our respectable client. 


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